Become a member of the Forum Birdy Club!  Stop by the shop today to receive your FREE Loyalty Card!  Please read through the details below to learn more about how you can start earning points toward your reward!

As stated on your card, each time you spend a minimum of $40, you earn one Birdy Point.  Earn 10 points and receive $25 off your purchase your next visit!

Upon receiving your card, you have two years to earn and use your credit of $25.  An expiration date will be written on the card by a shop employee.  Once you have used your $25 credit, you can receive a new card and begin earning new points towards your new reward of $25.  Rewards cannot be compiled and used together or used with another members points.  The $25 credit must be used in order to receive a new card.   Once a card has been completely punched and the credit has been used, the card will be discarded at the register by a shop employee.  Points will be earned by receiving a punch for spending a minimum of $40. There are a minimum of 5 punches you can receive per visit/purchase, not exceeding $200.  A shop employee will also initial each punch to authorize it.  


Thank you for being a Loyal Customer at our small business!  We greatly appreciate your continued support!  

For questions, please email us.  Click the envelope to email.