Introducing Paint, Sip & Shop Events at Forum Exchange!  Paint, Sip &  Shop Events are an exciting, social group setting where participants are guided step by step in creating the selected hosting art piece. The end goal is to tap into your creative and abstract mind to bring to life a work of art. Paint, Sip &  Shop Events at Forum Exchange are for individuals of all skill levels. 

Upcoming Events


To book a seat for an event, please contact us at (956) 530-9421 by call or text.  You may also contact us on Facebook or Instagram by message @ForumExchangeOfficial.  Payments can be made in person at the shop or over the phone.  Please be advised, additional fees may be applied with any electronic type payments. Cash & Cash App Accepted.  Card payments accepted with additional fees.  Our event dates are currently being posted on our social media (Facebook, Instagram) and an updated/current flyer will be updated here on our website.  Bookings/Reservations cannot be tentative or put on hold.  Your booking is not complete until seat is paid in full and you have received a confirmation number.  No confirmation number, no reservation.  Participants must be 12 years of age or older. 

Service Overview

Each seat is $30 and will include a canvas, paint, brushes, apron and an open charcuterie + crudité set up.  The event will begin with the painting class and will follow with an exclusive sale at the shop only for participants of the event.  The sale is only exclusive to those who have paid for a seat at the event.  These events are private and the venue will be closed to the public the duration of the event.  Any and all future events are contingent to booking of the minimum amount of seats per event.  If the minimum seats are not filled 5 days before the event date, each participant who has booked a seat will be granted a full refund.  The minimum seating will vary event to event.  Pricing for any future events may vary and change per promotional period. Event times vary per package, but participants are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance for proper seating, setup, and preparation to being promptly and experience every minute dedicated to the creation process. Events can last from 1-3 hours longs; breaks can be planned at the requests of the participants. These events are BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) for anyone 21+ years of age.  Forum Exchange holds no liability for the consumption or over-consumption of alcohol.  If you have any food allergies, you are more than welcome to bring any drinks, food/snacks with you the day of the event. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are allowed however, no monetary refunds will be granted. Costs are immediately invested into your personal setup in which it cannot be returned or refunded. If you miss your event, funds will not be refunded. You are responsible for your attendance. No refunds will be processed for guests that do not show up.


Venue / Travel

At this time, Paint, Sip & Shop Events are open studio only and will only be hosted at the venue, Forum Exchange located at 801 E. Austin Ave. Alamo, Texas 78516.  For questions about private events, please contact us.   

Thank you for supporting our small business & shopping local!  We greatly appreciate your continued support!  

For questions, please email us.  Click the envelope to email.  Please read disclaimer note below.

 Disclaimer: Any contest to the events and pricing offered can be discussed directly with Forum Exchange.  Negotiations and special arrangements are available at the discretion of  Forum Exchange and hosting party. All prices are subjected to change at any time for any reason. All liability of accident, injury, alcohol consumption, underage alcohol consumption and any other means to legal action are released under these terms and conditions. Forum Exchange will not be held responsible for illegal alcohol consumption or sale and does not offer alcohol for sale. Forum Exchange will not be held responsible for any accident or injury during an event and participants and parties or third parties cannot sue for damages or monies lost. Forum Exchange does not offer location or space to host events unless arranged otherwise. Forum Exchange is not liable or responsible for any physical properties damages that occur during any event, and parties/participants or third parties cannot sue for damages inquired. Forum Exchange does not accommodate for food allergies or other food accommodations, but participants are more than welcome to bring any drinks, foods or snacks that fit their dietary or health needs.  Participant will be provided the link to this web page to read and review any and all details about Paint, Sip & Shop Events prior to booking/reserving.  Each participant will be required to sign in the day of event at arrival for attendance purposes.  Upon reserving a seat and receiving a confirmation number, each participant has agreed to all these terms above.